Thursday, July 5, 2012

Can You Guess What Type of Embroidery This Is?

During my trip to Shimla last month, I bought two kameez fabrics. One of these has hand embroidered flowers on the front and around the neck. Can you find the type of embroidery done on this Kameez?

I think most of the readers from India will easily identify it. It is called Kashmiri embroidery or Kasmiri Kashida. Generally, in Kashmiri Embroidery, the whole design is done with a single stitch. It is one of the specialties of Kashmiri embroidery. The design shown in the image is done only with chain stitch. Can you believe it?

Flowers and paisley designs are very common in Kashmiri embroidery. Although I already own some shawls and kameezes decorated with Kashmiri embroidery, I am always attracted to this embroidery wherever I see it.

Can you see how intricate are the design and the embroidery? I like the pastel colors used in this design. I guess the whole embroidery is done with variegated threads. My blogger friend Deepa has blogged about Kashmiri embroidery here.

Another Kameez fabric is jute cotton blend with Resham embroidery on it. Resham embroidery is nothing but soft shading or long and short embroidery. Here it is machine embroidered. I love the colors in this embroidery too. Actually, I bought this fabric just for the color combo and of course it has flowers.

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Deepa said...

Gosh!! I love that second one..