Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Free Embroidery Project---Blooming Bookmark---Part 1

I would like to share with you the step-by-step tutorial of the embroidery project Blooming Bookmark.

Materials needed for this project are:

Cotton fabric (two layers)
Embroidery frame
For long and short shading: Three or four shades of threads that belong to a same color group (I used three shades of pink--Anchor nos. 050, 052, and 054)
For french knots at the center: Two or three colors of your choice.
Satin ribbon
Backing fabric

Step 1: Trace the pattern on the first (upper) layer of the cotton fabric, using any tracing method of your choice.

Step 2: Mount the fabric (both layers) on the frame. (To do long and short shading, your fabric should be fixed drum tight). Assemble the threads for shading.

Step 3: To be continued tomorrow.


Estrella said...

Hi Flora I love your idea for the flower..... as a necklace. Hugs, Estrella

Flora said...

Hi Estrella,

Thanks for your comment.

Suezoo said...

I found your blog from a review of a Dover book.

What is "Backing Fabric"?