Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Am Excited!

I am excited to receive a comment from one of the masters of embroidery, Trish Burr, in one of my posts.

Thanks, Trish! Your words are very encouraging.

I recently bought Trish Burr's another book "Redoute's Finest Flowers in Embroidery," which has nice flower projects. I have planned to do some of these projects on hankies and bags.

I hope 2011 has started well for all of you. This new year, I have plans to do a lot of projects, but with a resolution not to take up more than three projects at a same time and not to increase my count of unfinished projects. You will see a lot of activities coming forth on my blog---book giveaways, book reviews, tutorials, and much more.

In the photos below you will see the completed long-and-short Chinese lotus embroidery. I had strongly decided to take up another project only after completing this. I have also decided to take a short break from long-and-short embroidery and would like to try my hands on other forms of embroidery. Therefore I will take up a new project in a day or two.

Before signing off, I like to wish (though it is belated) you all "A Happy New Year!"


Elmsley Rose said...

A very beautiful piece. I love the leaf.

Looking forward to seeing what you do as 'a change' :-)

Flora said...

Thanks for your comments, Elmsley Rose.

Lakshmi said...

woww Flora no words to express how beautiful these flowers are..kudos

Flora said...

Thanks Lakshmi!

Pratima Kapoor said...

Very beautiful work flora. Nice sahding.