Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Review---Beginner’s Guide to Silk Shading by Clare Hanham

When I was searching for books that teach long-and-short embroidery I came across the book “Beginner’s Guide to Silk Shading” written by Clare Hanham and published by Search Press.

This is a short book (48 pages only), but the information it contains is great.

Clare teaches silk shading with four lovely projects---Climbing Leaves, Tulip, Butterfly, and Dog Roses.  Each project is described in detail with step-by-step color photographs. The book starts with the Materials section, followed by Techniques, How to Start, and then the projects.

Clare also gives ideas on what ways we could use these projects. For example, you could see the photos of the butterfly silk shading done on a trinket box, framed as a wall hanging, or sewn into a denim bag.

I planned to do the Dog Roses or the Butterfly project when I bought the book. Hope I find some time to do it.

The only drawback of this book is, there are only four projects. There should have been more for beginners to practice.


Elmsley Rose said...

This was my first book on silk shading, and I found it 'just right'.

I found that it didn't have enough projects either - but there was something to get started on right away!

I think it's an excellent beginner's book, and agree with your review :-)

And greatly admire YOU as a needlepainter! I'm about to do some for the first time in ages - ooooo, I'm looking forward to it.

I've picked my colours, and can start next embroidery session...yum!

Flora said...

Hi Megan,

I love your works too. I like your enthusiasm for needlepainting. I regularly read your blogposts. I am also planning to start yet another needlepainting project.

I am eagerly waiting to see your next project.