Thursday, August 26, 2010

Embroidery on Silk

I have started a new project---embroidery on a silk saree. I am planning to finish this project as fast as possible, because I am doing this for one of my friends. She wants to wear the saree for a family function next month. This project appears to be a daunting task for me.

The image below shows the border of the saree:

The paisley design is my own creation. I have finished only one paisley (in the image below) out of fifteen.

Fourteen more to do........... :-(

And, here is flower design I am stitching on the pallu (the ornamental end piece of the sari usually draped over the shoulder). I decided to test whether long-and-short stitch works fine on silk, and I am really pleased with the result. In my own experience, I find it very easy to stitch long and short on silk than on cotton or georgette. Since I have less time, I didn't use split stitch for the corners of the petals.

I got the design for the pallu from a book I bought at a local embroidery shop. I will post the design tomorrow.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me.... I hope I will make some progress tomorrow.

P.S.: I have kept my Chinese lotus project aside, at least for some time.


Deepa said...

Good work!! All the best for the remaining 14 :) I wouldn't have the patience to repeat the motif again and again :(

Flora said...

Thanks for your comment Deepa!

Elmsley Rose said...

The paisley is just lovely! I do hope you get the other 14 done in time! Best wishes. (and a lucky friend!)

Flora said...

Hi Elmsley Rose,

Thanks for your comment. I saw your long-and-short poppies. They were charmingly beautiful. You have got lot of patience to do a project like this.

Elmsley Rose said...

ooooo...just found another comment through you

If you use Firefox, there's a "CoComment" add-on that lets you find answers on blogs, LJs, anywhere!

Thankyou for the compliment.

I haven't seen any news on this project for awhile. It is lovely.