Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Long-and-Short Sweet Pea---Images

When I was digging out my closet today I found this piece which I embroidered in 2009. I did not post the images of the finished piece then. I thought of sharing some images with you all now.

Embroidery on Silk --- Progress

I did not make much progress with my new project. This is what I have done so far on the saree pallu design.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Embroidery on Silk

I have started a new project---embroidery on a silk saree. I am planning to finish this project as fast as possible, because I am doing this for one of my friends. She wants to wear the saree for a family function next month. This project appears to be a daunting task for me.

The image below shows the border of the saree:

The paisley design is my own creation. I have finished only one paisley (in the image below) out of fifteen.

Fourteen more to do........... :-(

And, here is flower design I am stitching on the pallu (the ornamental end piece of the sari usually draped over the shoulder). I decided to test whether long-and-short stitch works fine on silk, and I am really pleased with the result. In my own experience, I find it very easy to stitch long and short on silk than on cotton or georgette. Since I have less time, I didn't use split stitch for the corners of the petals.

I got the design for the pallu from a book I bought at a local embroidery shop. I will post the design tomorrow.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me.... I hope I will make some progress tomorrow.

P.S.: I have kept my Chinese lotus project aside, at least for some time.

Simple, Easy, and Quick Embroidery

I stitched this very simple, easy, and quick embroidery on a table napkin some months ago. Buttonhole circle and detached chain stitch can be stitched in a few minutes.

I have not used the napkin yet, as I did not sew the seams. I hate to sew the seams first, because I am always interested to start the embroidery first. I hope there are many of you like me.

Exhibition---Schoolgirl Embroidery from the Connecticut River Valley

I received an e-mail from the Director of Marketing at the Florence Griswold Museum in Old Lyme, Connecticut asking to help spread the word about their fall exhibition titled "With Needle and Brush: Schoolgirl Embroidery from the Connecticut River Valley." The exhibition will be held from October 2, 2010 through January 30, 2011.

This exhibition of approximately sixty embroideries, watercolor sketches, and portraits will draw extensively on works from private collections, many never before shown publicly.

More information and images can be found at http://www.florencegriswoldmuseum.org/exhibitions/2010/10Needle.html.

The Museum is located at 96 Lyme Street, Old Lyme, CT, exit 70 off I-95 and is open year round Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm and Sunday 1 to 5pm. Admission is $9 for adults, $8 for seniors, $7 for students, and free to children 12 years and under. For more information, visit the Museum’s web site www.FlorenceGriswoldMuseum.org or call 860-434-5542 x 111.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Book Review---Traditional Chinese Designs

I bought the book "Traditional Chinese Designs: Iron-on Transfer Patterns" by Barbara Christopher two months ago.

This book is published by Dover Publications and is one of their needlework series books. It is a paperback and contains 64 pages. Though the book is not a huge one, the designs in the book are excellent and the print is very clear. Some designs are very intricate and are challenging to embroider. This book is especially for people who hunt for a variety of designs for their embroidery projects.

This is the front cover of the book:

There are 24 design plates in total. The book is divided into three sections: stitch and color chart for each iron-on transfer plate, iron-on transfer plates, and the color images of the embroidered design plates. There is also a page dedicated to stitch details which shows how to stitch some common emboidery stitches.

The stitch and color chart section is very useful. Below is a stitch and color chart of a Peony design:

The same design printed as iron-on transfer:

The color photographs of the embroidered designs appear on the front and back inside covers.

The designs include traditional Chinese themes of flowers such as lotus, chrysanthemum, peony, etc. and animals and birds such as dragon, phoenix, lion, crane, etc.

There are border designs as well as small designs to embroider on hankies, napkins, and table mats.

Overall, this book is really worth your money.

Hope this review will be helpful to you. Please feel free to send in your comments.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Long-and-Short Red Anemone Finished

I finished the long-and-short red anemone (design source: Trish Burr's Long and Short Embroidery: A Collection of Flowers) two weeks before. Here are the images:

Close-up image:

And here is the progress of the Long-and-short Chinese lotus design.

Yesterday's progress:

Today's progress:

Tomorrow am going to write the review of the book "Traditional Chinese Designs" by Barbara Christopher.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Traditional Chinese Design

Yesterday, Elmsley Rose of elmsleyrose.blogspot.com wanted to see the pattern I am using for my current project.

Hi Elmsley Rose,

Here is the pattern you asked for. This pattern of a lotus flower appears on the cover image of the book. The colors are different from the ones I use. I did not trace the entire design. I needed only the flower part, because I am going to applique the embroidered piece on my daughter's frock. I have slightly modified the design to suit my purpose.

This book has many lovely designs where most of the designs are very intricate, in other words, challenging for an enthusiastic embroiderer.

At first, I selected a cotton fabric for this project, traced the design, selected the threads, and started stitching. Then only I found out that the fabric is not suitable for long-and-short stitch (usually cotton and linen are the best choices for long-and-short embroidery, but this fabric is not). It is a loosly woven cotton fabric, which, when I stitched, showed tiny holes, and the stitches were not close enough to each other. Therefore, I stopped stitching on that fabric and repeated the same dreadful process of selecting a fabric, tracing the design, selecting thread colors, etc. ...

The pictures below will show my painful experience :-(

However, now I am planning to stitch only the outlines of the design (as in Redwork) I drew on that fabric and use it as a napkin or a tablemat, because the fabric is good for outline stitches though not for filling stitches.

The fabric I use now is a dark pink georgette. Though it is transparant, it is a good choice (accrding to me) for this type of embroidery. However, the fabric should be stretched properly to get fixed tightly on your embroidery hoop or frame, else your stitches will become loose, which will make your embroidery look displeasing.

And here is my progress of the project today. I guess I am slow in my progress.

Please send in your comments and ideas.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Yet another long-and-short embroidery project

My long-and-short stitch journey starts again....

This time I am using a traditional Chinese design from the book "Traditional Chinese Designs" by Barbara Christopher. This book is one of the "Dover Needlework Series" books. Here are the pictures.