Sunday, September 20, 2009

Embroidered handkerchief

After learning the long and short techniques from Trish Burr's book, I was very enthusiastic to try it out.

I found a small design from a pattern book and decided to embroider it using long and short stitch on a cotton handkerchief. I would have selected a pattern from Trish's book, however, I was not able to go out and purchase the threads as it was raining heavily. So I decided to use that small design and the threads I had in stock.

It was nice sitting by the window on a chilly, rainy afternoon and doing embroidery. I always like watching rain whilst embroidering or drawing. I continued embroidering till midnight taking breaks in between. The below photographs show the progress on the first day.

I thought I could complete the project the next day, however, I was not able to as I had to concentrate on my office works. The images below show the recent progress of my little project.

I am hoping to finish it as early as possible but i am not able to.

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Anonymous said...

Truly gorgeous! Such precise stitching.