Thursday, January 8, 2009

Free Pattern

I have posted a free pattern which I have created on my own. This one will look attractive when stitched repeatedly as a border on curtains, table cloths, or skirts. You can also enlarge this design and embroider it on bibs, bags, cushion covers, or even t-shirts. Here is the pattern:

This is just a rough sketch which I drew just 20 mins before.

My suggestion for the stitches to be used:

For the flower center use french knots or satin stitch. For the layer around the center use buttonhole or satin stitch of contrast color, or you can fill it with 2 rows of stem stitch or chain stitch. The leaf-like petals can be stitched with satin stitch. I you want to have two color shades you can fill it up with long and short. You can also just outline the pattern with chain stitch or back stitch.

I have not tried this design yet. However, if anyone of you try this please send your work to this email id: I would be happy to show your work to others.

Also follow up the upcoming posts. I have plans to provide a lot of free designs. I will update on the progress of my sweet pea project tomorrow. Happy stitching. Have fun.

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