Monday, February 22, 2016

Ongoing Embroidery Projects

I have two more ongoing embroidery projects apart from the Hungarian embroidery project.

First one is the doily I shared in this post.

I know that nothing is perfect in this embroidery project, as I started this project long time before. The pattern looks uneven, the flower wreath around is not exactly circular: meaning, I did not trace it properly. The stitching on some flowers is very bad (I did those flowers before I properly learned the long and short embroidery techniques). The fabric has puckered up a bit. In spite of all these faults, I am still continuing this project as many readers have said that they are eager to see the finished project and personally I feel the same too. Thanks to everyone for encouraging me to complete this project.

I like the center design in this pattern. I took this pattern from the book Ondori's The Embroidery of Roses, and modified it.


I have learned a lesson from this project: Always use stabilizer when you embroider on satin and silk fabrics.

Next project is the tunic neck design. This project is also going on for years. I am planning to wind it up by this year.


Sunday, February 7, 2016

New Project --- Hungarian Kalocsa Embroidery

Happy Sunday to all!

I am currently embroidering on a lunch napkin for my elder daughter.  Recently, I have been drawn to Hungarian Kalocsa embroidery. I like Hungarian embroidery for the vibrant colors and simple stitches used in it. Here are some photos of my project.


Satin stitch is the main stitch used in this type of embroidery. I will regularly post on the progress of this project. I am also making progress with my other projects: doily and kurta neck design. Will write about these projects soon.