Wednesday, June 3, 2015

New Post After a Long Time

It has been ages since I wrote something in both of my blogs. Lot of things happened during this time. My beloved dad passed away after a month-long hospitalization. My MIL underwent a major eye operation. I actually had no time to even think about embroidery and sewing.

Recently I managed to find some time to embroider on the yoke of a dress for my younger daughter. She is 1 year old now.

For this simple project I have used some shades of pink for the flower on the right, and variegated thread (containing lilac, off-white, peach, blush pink colors) for the flower on the left. I just wanted to experiment needle painting with variegated thread. I outlined the leaves instead of filling up with long and short stitch (to save time of course, because I have planned to finish this project in a week's time.)

Doing embroidery after a long break is so refreshing to mind, and meeting you all too, of course.