Friday, June 24, 2011

Decorative Pattern on Doily---A little progress

I have made a little progress on the decorative pattern. I can spend no more than half an hour a day for this, however, I am happy that I making a steady progress. Here are the pictures!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Blooming Bookmark---Part 4

Sorry friends. I've been “out of action” for a while... I haven't had even a little spare time for over a month.
I found some time today to finish the tutorial.

Step 7: After we are done with the second row we are now going to start the third row which is also the final row. Thread one strand of the darkest shade of pink in your needle. Bring up your needle by splitting the center stitch of the second row and down at a point on the inner edge of the flower. Continue this on the left side and then the right side. Now you have completed shading petal no.1.

Step 8: Repeat Steps 5 thru 7 in all the petals. First Petals labeled as B, then C, and at last D.

Step 9: Fill in the center of the flower with french knots with different shades of threads of your choice. I used yellow and brown shades.

Voila! Your flower is done!

Step 10: We should now cut the flower out from the fabric. Make a slit from the edge of the fabric and toward the outer edge of the flower. Carefully cut the fabric on the edges making sure you don't run your scissors into the buttonhole stitches. This will spoil the whole thing.

Step 11: Follow the photos below to make a loop at the top of the flower.

Sew buttonhole stitch to cover the loop.

Insert a 8-inch long satin ribbon and make a knot at the loop. The ribbon should be of same length on both sides of the knot.

The blooming bookmark is ready now. You can use the flower in other creative ways too.

Did you like this tutorial? Please let me know through your comments.