Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stitch Tutorial---Shisha Mirror Stitch-Version 1

Today I would like to share with you the shisha stitch tutorial. Shisha Mirrors are available in various shapes and sizes.

There are many versions of shisha stitch. Here I show you how to sew shisha stitch version 1.

Step 1: Spread some fabric glue on the back of the shisha mirror and stick the mirror on the fabric. Allow it to dry. If you do this step, your shisha mirror won't slip away when you sew the stitches.

 Step 2: Now you need to do the foundation stitches. Before starting this step, draw a circle with a pen or pencil around the shisha mirror. This will serve as a guideline for sewing the shisha stitch. 

Follow the images below to sew the foundation stitches.

I will show you how to sew the shisha stitch tomorrow.

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