Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Decorative Pattern on Doily---Progress So Far

Hi everyone,

Sorry that I could not post the fabric rose tutorial as promised. I was busy looking after my mom-in-law who was unwell. She is fine now.

I have started a new sewing blog "Frills and Flares." There you will see all my sewing creations and sewing tutorials. I will post the fabric rose tutorial in my sewing blog this week..

This is my progress so far of the decorative flower pattern on the doily.

I have filled the orange color inner petal (marked by the arrow) with split stitch instead of chain stitch. It takes a long time to fill an area with split stitch than with chain stitch. What do you think?

Please feel free to post your opinions.


kasthurirajam said...

so beautiful!

Elmsley Rose said...

I'm doing split stitch as a fill stitch atm as well.

I'm using 2 DMC threads, rather than my normal 1. It's definitely filling up a lot more quickly and looks fine. As long as I pierce both threads and not go down inbetween them, which takes a bit of careful needle aiming.

Flora said...

Kasthuri: Thanks for your comment.

Megan: I'm also using two strands of threads, but I feel it takes a long time to fill up the petal. I think I should speed up.