Saturday, January 23, 2010

Neck patterns

I am embroidering two different neck patterns at present.

The first is a V-shaped one.

I decided to use satin stitch for the flowers, however after completing the first flower now I am thinking it would be better to use buttonhole stitch which would be less time consuming than satin stitch. For the leaves, I am using lazy daisy stitch and for the stems, stem stitch.

The second neck design is an intricate one and contains lots of elements to embroider. Take a look at the images below. I kept this project aside a month ago as I was running out of threads. Now after buying the threads I have started the project again.


Lakshmi said...

Hi I just love this project..I admire ur choice of colours in long n short..its lovely//

Flora said...

Hi Lakshmi,

Thanks for your comments and thanks for mentioning about my blog on your blog. I viewed all your tutorials. They are very useful.