Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Free embroidery pattern

Here is a free flower pattern:

Click on the image for a larger version. The outlines are easy to trace although this is a watercolor painting. So I did not create a line drawing for this pattern.

Here is the smaller version:

This will look great on household linens, hankies, napkins, etc.

Stitch suggestion: You can do redwork using this design by stitching only the outlines or you can use any of the filling stitches (long and short, chain stitch filling, stem stitch filling, etc.) of surface embroidery.

Color choice: Choice of colors can be your own according to the color of the ground fabric. Using different shades of a same color will make this design look great.


Elmsley Rose said...

Lovely! (I used to paint - in gouache). I particularly like the colours in the leaves.
I'd be your 25th followed, but you're on my blog list, so it feels like cheating to hit Follow just to try and get a prize....it must be frustrating!
I know I get frustrated when I look at Google Analytics and see how many people have looked at a post, and nobody has made a comment! Tho it is totally fascinating to see where in the world people are ... reading from everywhere from Russia to Peru. I'm waiting for someone from Antartica....*grin*

Flora said...

Hi Megan,

Thanks for your lovely comment. I will be very happy if you join the give-away.

I was not able to visit your blog for quite some time because the time I spent on the Internet was very limited because of the packing, shifting, unpacking, arranging things, etc. I feel bad for that.
I really missed your posts. Now I find some time everyday to visit your blog and other blogs I like to read.

You are always in my prayers.