Monday, July 27, 2009

Autumn Rose Project--Long and short stitch--Step 3

This is the important step in the long and short stitch. We are going to fill up the second row using one strand of thread. In the basic long and short embroidery, the second row of stitches start at the points where the first row stitches end. However to get a smooth blending effect, we should bring up the needle through the first row of stitches by spliting up the thread of the first row of stitches, not at the endpoints of the stitches in the previous row. Look at the image below:

Because the petal is small, I decided to limit the long and short stitch to only two rows. Since the second row is also the last row, the stitches should be directed toward and end at the inner edge of the petal.

Continue to place the stitches close to each other as you did for first row.


g.aruljothiKarikalan said...

Hi flora... what an embroidery.... i llllllloved it especially the satin stitch and long and short... perfect... really cool to see all Ur works... I've stopped embroidery for a while but Ur works are tempting me to start again :)

Flora said...

Thanks Aruljothy, for your lovely comment!

Suezoo said...

I've never attempted embroidery but I've wanted too. I've looked at a LOT of tutorials online and yours is the first I've seen that makes me think I might just be able to do this.

The words are always hard for me to follow and envision but your great photos step by step clarify everything instantly.

I have a hoop and floss. Any suggestions for a first project? In other words, where should I start to enjoy some modicum of success?

I'll scour your posts to see if there is anything on material and needles to start out with. Looking for something easy to find/purchase that won't break the bank.

I live in Canada. Rural, on the farm but with a small quilt shop in the nearest town.