Monday, July 27, 2009

Autumn Rose Project--Long and short stitch--Step 2

Let us start with the first row of stitches. Use 2 strands of pale pink thread.

First, we will stitch a long stitch then a short one. To stitch the long stitch, bring up the needle at a point on the petal's outer edge and bring it down at a point on the edge of the first row partion guideline as shown in the images below. You can enlarge the images to get a close-up view of the stitches.

Now our first long stitch is over.

Now let us do the short stitch. Bring up your needle at a point very close to where you started the long stitch. The long and short shading will look better if the stitches are as close as possible. Refer to the image below.

Now end the stitch a little shorter than the previous one while following the guidelines for direction.

Usually the length of the short stitch should be three-fourth of the long stitch. Continue in the same manner to complete the first row. The finished first row will look like this:

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