Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Embroidered sweet peas

Hi all, am doing an interesting project using long-and-short embroidery which is also known as needlepainting. I am embroidering a bunch of four sweet peas ( 3 pinks and 1 violet) on a cushion cover. Here is the design I used:

And here is the picture of the first flower, the violet one:

I don't think that the flower has come out perfectly, but I like the color combination. What do you say? :-)

I would like to share my knowledge on needlepainting with you all in my forthcoming posts. I will post pictures of how my work progresses. Wish you all good luck for the new year.


Deepa said...

Lovely effort, flora. I loved all your sketches especially...

Flora said...

Thanks for your comments Deepa. I love your blog too. I learnt Indian embroidery stitches through your website. Splendid works.

Elmsley Rose said...

Your embroidery is just beautiful!
Great long and short stitch, and lovely flat satin stitch. :-)

I found your blog on a search for "Trish Burr"

I've done Rust Red Iris and A Bunch of Poppies, if you are interested, from Redoute's Flowers. (Look for the labels down the left hand side of my blog)

Always happy to meet a new needlepainter :-) :-)

I really love the sweet peas!