Tuesday, August 26, 2008

My pencil drawing

This is one of my pencil drawings:

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Welcome to Flora's embroidery blog

Hi I am Flora. Basically am an artist. I like to draw pencil portraits. I also do painting but have to go a long way to master the art.

Embroidery has been my passion from my childhood days. My mom is a good tailor and a good homemaker too. I guess I got my passion for embroidery from my mom. She taught me some basic stitches.

I started learning embroidery in detail during my high school days. I learnt almost 50 stitches in my school. Embroidery was my dream then like every other girl. I would grab linens from my mom's closet and make embroidered hand kerchiefs, doilies, table cloths, and whatever I would like.

My world was full of embroidery then and still it is.... and it will continue......

I get designs and ideas for my embroidery from the embroidery books and Internet. I create my own designs as well. I also sell my embroidery items for reasonable prices.

In the forthcoming posts you can view my embroidery gallery, download free designs created by me and learn stitches and techniques. I will also Post my drawing gallery.

The embroidery in these photographs are some of my creations:

I invite all of you to come and join my colorful world of embroidery!

Wish you all a very good day!